Acoustical panels.  Acoustical Panels absorb sound,
or sound absorption, used with fabric, stretch-fabric,
is great for HOME THEATER ACOUSTICS.  Home
theater acoustics use acoustic and acoustical
panels or sound panels and are stretch-fabric
treatments.  Decorative acoustical panels are the
best for home theater acoustics and home theater
walls and home theater ceilings.  Sound absorption
is done with acoustical panels for home theater
acoustics or room acoustics.

Acoustics, especially room acoustics or small room
acoustics are great with acoustical panels or fabric
acoustical panels.
Home theaters.  All home theaters require acoustical treatment or
acoustical panels.  Fabric wrapped acoustical panels, or fabric acoustical
panels, are most beautiful for home theaters and home theater design.  
Sound is critical, therefore acoustics and room acoustics must be
addressed through acoustical panels and acoustical treatments.  With
custom fabric panels or custom stretch-fabric panels, home theaters
sound better.

Home theater acoustical treatments are beautiful.

Acoustical Panels:

Acoustical treatments such as fabric panels and fabric wrapped panels
give your home theater the sound needed.
Stretch-Fabric Wall Upholstery
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The decorative appeal of stretch-fabric, wall
upholstery, is indisputable.  Arguably the most
elegant of finish treatments through the centuries,
rich textiles not only exude plushness, but the
tautly stretched fabric creates a new, perfect

Acoustical problems are addressed naturally with
proper selection of battings chosen for behind the
fabric.  For demanding home theater or media
room acoustics, state-of-the-art acoustical devices
are easily hidden.  

Speakers may also be hidden.
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Architectural Treatment for Acoustics
Division 9 - Finishes
    09700 - Wall Finishes
    09800 - Acoustical Treatment
The four walls in this Miami, FL area home theater
were completely treated in two days.