Featuring a secure system for wall upholstery.  Our wall upholstery system is the premier home theater acoustical treatment.  Snap-Trak also is an elegant decorative system for wall finishes.  Wall upholstery is acoustical by design.

Home theaters make use of wall upholstery to cover acoustics and
acoustical treatments with fabric.  Upholstering of walls or ceilings
is a good way to hide acoustical treatment for sound in home

Walls or ceilings may be upholstered with fabric.  Wall upholstery
is the stretching of fabric or textiles on walls.  Wall upholstery is a
choice of many designers and decorators.  Acoustics for home
theaters utilize wall upholstery for several reasons:

-  Acoustics
-  Home Theaters
-  Stretch Fabric
-  Wall Upholstery
-  Sound
-  Theater Design
-  Acoustical Panels

Home theaters are great for wall upholstery.  Stretch-fabric is
another word for wall upholstery

What makes a good home theater design?  Comfort, beauty, a great picture and realistic sound. We address two of
these requirements:  Beauty and sound.


Small room acoustics are unique.  Sound reverberates or echos and lingers in small rooms.   Sound must either be
absorbed or diffused.  Acoustical panels may be applied in home theaters to attenuate this  problem.  Acoustical
panels may be absorptive of sound or diffusive of sound.  Fabric wrapped panels are attractive.  Stretch-fabric wrapped
acoustical panels are beautiful.  Custom stretch-fabric walls or ceilings are even better acoustical solutions.

Custom stretch-fabric in home theaters is the most sought after treatment as it is so versatile.  Costs are high, but so is
the result.  High-end treatments are usually better, and stretch-fabric acoustical treatments in custom home theaters is
no exception.  Acoustical engineers opt for custom stretch fabric when their clients can afford it.

Wall Treatments:

Home theaters require more than standard wall treatments as the walls and ceiling are typically filled with acoustical
treatments, speakers, diffusers and other sound equipment.  Again, home theaters require:

-  Acoustical Panels
-  Diffusive Panels
-  Fabric Panels
-  Fabric Wrapped Panels
-  Stretch Fabric Wrapped Panels
-  Bass Traps
-  Good Design

Home Theater Design:

All home theaters require good design.  Designers must integrate acoustics with acoustical treatment and other sound
devices.  Acoustical panels may be integrated with other stretch-fabric treatments.  

Wall panels or ceiling treatments can stop reverberation or other acoustical problems.  Other areas where acoustical
treatments may be used are:

-  Home Theaters
-  Media Rooms
-  Offices        
-  Lobbies
-  Conference Rooms

Links are available to other sites that offer more information on these home theater applications.  Sound systems and
electronic home theater devices are also available through links.


For your home theater to be designed or constructed correctly, acoustical panels or treatments are vital.  Fabric is a
good choice for decorating and custom, stretch-fabric is a better option.  The home theater designer or architect that
you choose should recognize this.  Home theaters are only as good as their acoustics.  Better acoustics, better sound.

It really doesn't matter if your home theater is a dedicated home theater or more like a family room with a media
center.  The acoustics will matter.  How you address acoustics is up to you, but smart people choose custom fabric
stretched around acoustical panels or on walls and ceilings.  Speakers can even be hidden (hidden speakers) with
custom stretch-fabric treatments on walls of home theaters.
Home theaters.  All home theaters require acoustical treatment or
acoustical panels.  Fabric wrapped acoustical panels, or fabric acoustical
panels, are most beautiful for home theaters and home theater design.  
Sound is critical, therefore acoustics and room acoustics must be
addressed through acoustical panels and acoustical treatments.  With
custom fabric panels or custom stretch-fabric panels, home theaters
sound better.

Home theater acoustical treatments are beautiful.

Acoustical Panels:

Acoustical treatments such as fabric panels and fabric wrapped panels
give your home theater the sound needed.
Home theater and home theater
designers.  Our stretch-fabric system
treats room acoustics in home
theaters.  Home theater builders treat
room acoustics with our acoustical
panels.  Home theater award winning
acoustical panels.
Located in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.      We're specialists in Home Theater stretch-fabric acoustical treatments        In the USA, call 774-219-1105
A huge application for our system has been in home theaters. Small rooms
aggravate sound reverberation and distortion, yet home theaters demand high
fidelity along with decorative ambiance..

Home theater designers and builders will recommend acoustical treatment,
but most solutions leave a lot to be desired in decor.

Snap-Trak offers  unlimited layout options, infinite choices of fabric and panel
arrangemenst that conform to your needs.  Acoustics never looked so good.

What the home theater industry calls "hidden speakers" is outrageous to
anyone who's seen stretch-fabric over in-wall speakers.  In the photo to the
right, not a speaker or diffuser can be seen.
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