Featuring a secure system for wall upholstery.  Our wall upholstery system is the premier home theater acoustical treatment.  Snap-Trak also is an elegant decorative system for wall finishes.  Wall upholstery is acoustical by design.

Home theaters make use of wall upholstery to cover acoustics and
acoustical treatments with fabric.  Upholstering of walls or ceilings
is a good way to hide acoustical treatment for sound in home

Walls or ceilings may be upholstered with fabric.  Wall upholstery
is the stretching of fabric or textiles on walls.  Wall upholstery is a
choice of many designers and decorators.  Acoustics for home
theaters utilize wall upholstery for several reasons:

-  Acoustics
-  Home Theaters
-  Stretch Fabric
-  Wall Upholstery
-  Sound
-  Theater Design
-  Acoustical Panels

Home theaters are great for wall upholstery.  Stretch-fabric is
another word for wall upholstery
Home theaters.  All home theaters require acoustical treatment or
acoustical panels.  Fabric wrapped acoustical panels, or fabric acoustical
panels, are most beautiful for home theaters and home theater design.  
Sound is critical, therefore acoustics and room acoustics must be
addressed through acoustical panels and acoustical treatments.  With
custom fabric panels or custom stretch-fabric panels, home theaters
sound better.

Home theater acoustical treatments are beautiful.

Acoustical Panels:

Acoustical treatments such as fabric panels and fabric wrapped panels
give your home theater the sound needed.
Home theater and home theater
designers.  Our stretch-fabric system
treats room acoustics in home
theaters.  Home theater builders treat
room acoustics with our acoustical
panels.  Home theater award winning
acoustical panels.
Acoustical panels.  Acoustical Panels absorb sound,
or sound absorption, used with fabric, stretch-fabric,
is great for HOME THEATER ACOUSTICS.  Home
theater acoustics use acoustic and acoustical
panels or sound panels and are stretch-fabric
treatments.  Decorative acoustical panels are the
best for home theater acoustics and home theater
walls and home theater ceilings.  Sound absorption
is done with acoustical panels for home theater
acoustics or room acoustics.

Acoustics, especially room acoustics or small room
acoustics are great with acoustical panels or fabric
acoustical panels.
Stretch-fabric, fabric, textiles, acoustical treatments or acoustical panels, even fabric acoustical panels or
fabric wrapped panels, are all decorative treatments used to control room acoustics.  Home theaters, media
rooms or other audio-visual rooms use these acoustical treatments.  Snap-tex, snap-trak, fabri-trak,
stretchwall, novawall, whisperwall, soft-wall, soundnice, soundwalls, Joel Berman, Snap-Tex International
and fabric mount systems all service the decorative or acoustical industry.

Fabrics and textiles used are often Guilford of Maine, Interface Fabrics, C. F. Stinson, Maharam, Carnegie,
Scalamandre and other acoustical fabric mills.  Acoustics for home theaters are important.  Sound proofing
isn't really the same as sound control or sound treatment, even acoustic treatment.  Stretch fabric or wall
upholstery, covers acoustical treatments such as absorptive treatments, absorptive battings, acoustical
fiberglass, diffusive treatments, bass traps, wide-band absorbers, even reflective acoustical surfaces.  

Terry Montlick, of Terry Montlick Laboratories, offers the only certified acoustical room rating called, Alpha
Certification.  Terry Montlick is an associate of SoundNice, formerly of SoundWalls, which developed from
Snap-Tex.  His acoustical measurements and acoustical tests certify rooms as being acoustically correct
and up to the THX standard for acoustics.  Montlick often specifies SoundNice or snap-tex, snap-trak, for his
treatments to control sound.

Sound proofing is different.  We don't sound proof.  We treat sound.  We treat acoustics.  Decorators who
like fabric and textiles use us.  Designers who recognize the value of fabric on walls or ceilings for strictly
decorative treatments use us, but also benefit from the acoustic treatment added to a room.  There are
many ways to treat sound for reverberation control, but most are ugly.  RPG Diffusors are another way to
treat sound, acoustics, by scattering sound waves rather than absorbing sound.  First reflections are
controlled, thus addressing reverberation problems in a room.  Home theaters require such acoustical
treatments.  Media rooms are popular, but require acoustical treatment.  Fabric covered panels or fabric
wrapped panels are common.  Covering acoustical treatments with stretch-fabric, using a stretch-fabric
system, is a beautiful treatment.  Conference rooms, lobbies, any area requiring sound control or acoustical
control can benefit from stretch-fabric such as Snap-Tex or Snap-Trak.  

If Wall upholstery is what you need for acoustics or decorative treatments, Snap-Tex or Snap-Trak are often
specified.  Sound, acoustics, reverberation, bass traps, diffusive treatments, even sound proofing, are
integrated with Snap-Trak or our stretch fabric system.
Acoustical Treatments for Home Theaters

Acoustical Treatments should enhance sound in any home theater.  Home
theater designers and home theater builders want flexibility and versatility.  
Acoustical panels are effective in sound absorption, but after designing a few
dozen theaters, the look of panels or fabric wrapped panels becomes dull.  

Stretch-fabric systems are therefore quite desirable. A true stretch-fabric
acoustical system can be customized for any home theater and can cover
speakers or any acoustical treatment.  Absorptive treatments can be covered with
any fabric, diffusive treatments or devices may also be covered.  Stretch-fabric
systems also cover bass traps or even electronic compensation devices.

Home Theater Design

When designing a home theater for sound enhancement or acoustical
treatment, a stretch-fabric system will rule.  Installation of a stretch-fabric system
is difficult.  To have the manufacturer of the stretch-fabric acoustical system
provide certified installers and stand behind the system with a good warranty is
great.  Speakers can be completely hidden and absorptive or diffusive
treatments can be covered.  Bass traps may also be hidden.

How Does a Stretch-Fabric System Differ from Fabric Acoustical Panels?

Panels, even fabric wrapped acoustical panels, can become boring in a home
theater design when overused.  Most home theater owners prefer not to have a
bunch of panels or acoustical panels on their walls.  A stretch-fabric acoustical
system is so easily customized that most designers or home theater builders
would prefer it.  For sound fidelity and good room acoustics, custom stretch
fabric acoustical panels or custom fabric treatments are often specified.
Acoustic engineering is rocket science!

Most acoustical engineers come from an electrical engineering
discipline and use many of the same complex formulas in projecting,
analyzing and modeling room acoustics as are used in rocket and
spacecraft engineering.  To properly address critical performance of
sound in your media room or theater, only a certified acoustical engineer
will do.

We work with some of the best.  And when they're done and we integrate
our fabric finishes with their treatment specifications, we all look great.

And sound nice.
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Home Theater Acoustics
Acoustical Panels

For room acoustics in Home Theaters and Media rooms.
Why Do You Need Acoustical Treatments?

Home theaters require acoustical treatments to improve the room
acoustics.  Fabric panels, acoustical panels and stretch-fabric
treatments are typically used as this is the best way to approach
acoustics in a room.

What Options Exist for Home Theater Acoustics?

Acoustical panels are most economical.  They form panel sections
on each wall.  Fabric panels are typically acoustical in nature.  Few
acoustical panels are made without fabric wrapped around the
acoustical treatment.

Why Stretch-Fabric Panels or Acoustical Treatments?

Stretch-fabric offers the highest coverage for acoustical treatment
and is highly customized.  The custom acoustical treatment looks
beautiful and improves sound fidelity.  Home theaters are the
showroom of the house.  The most attractive acoustical treatment,
even superior to Acoustical Panels, are custom stretch-fabric
treatments.  When designing your home theater, use stretch-fabric
acoustical treatments for best acoustics.
Home Theater Acoustics
Acoustical Panels

For room acoustics in Home Theaters and Media rooms.
The day of complete absorption of sound is over for home theaters.  
Diffusion is now the treatment of choice for some very good reasons.  
A more natural and pleasing acoustical environment results over a
broader band of frequency ranges, including low frequencies.  

Stretch fabric finishes can cover the more sophisticated and effective
of these treatments.  We have worked with most diffusive systems and
can adapt to any unique features in your theater.
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